I have always loved animals of all sorts, and I have always wanted a horse. Always! Their beauty, power and freedom intrigued me. Living in the city and being the only one in my family with a desire for horses, I had to beg, borrow or lease other peoples’ horses to get my fix. My grandparents gave me a wooden hobby horse one Christmas, in hopes of "curing me".

Near our house was The Children's Home, an orphanage with hundreds of acres of land and a working farm. I could see the horses and cows from the road as we drove by, telling my parents I wanted to run away and live there so I could have a horse! Now, as a parent, I understand the restraint my own parents had to muster to not just drop me off there!

Years later, after graduating from college and marrying the handsome John Ruffin and having three babies in two years we found a remarkable homestead and Pinch Me Acres was born! It had plenty room to run around on! It was the perfect spot for plenty of chickens, horses, goats, ducks, turkeys and a few pot-bellied pigs to play with as well! We loved to watch our children bring friends over, proudly introducing them to the barnyard and reveling in the joy of playing in the mud. Gertrude the goat was a favorite at the farm, as well as during many trips thru carpool line!

My childhood dreams are now realized in my passions as an adult. On our farm, we enjoy and sell "fresh eggs from happy hens", tomatoes, shitake mushrooms, lettuces, spinach, arugula and more from the good dirt at Pinch Me Acres. In 2011, I co-founded Project Pearl to help increase adoptions at the Forsyth County Animals Shelter and I am proud to have made a huge difference there! Working as a volunteer at the Children's Home Farm for many years, I have witnessed many miracles in the interaction between animals and children. I have the strong support of many wonderful friends and family members that keep me moving forward each and every day.

I am continually amazed at the instinctive qualities of God's creatures and it has always been my goal to be a part of the "circle of life" without sticking my foot in it, stopping its steady rotation!

Pinch Me Acres is a place of peace, hope and the lessons Nature teaches us of forgiveness, trust and unconditional love. I hope to honor that with my art.